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 March.3rd.2010 wedsnday GM event.

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PostSubject: March.3rd.2010 wedsnday GM event.   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:48 pm


Quote :

Rules are simple. Nations will have to find the GM. Catch 22 is that
instead of the old events where it one the regular event map. This is
now involving the entire nation's regular ep2 map chain.

So for BCU the maps involved would be:
Stones - Tylent - Bach - Blackburn - Starlite - Redline

ANI maps involved woudl be:
Reynard - Edmont - Ardor - CC - Plains - Relic

This will all be the ch1 of the maps as well.

The GM Will be flying in a regular gear and be nameless. Also all the
maps involved will be fogged up making it a bit more difficult. Also as
with all our Wicked Wednesday events, there is a time limit. So
basically whenever the GM is found, he will warp out to hide in a new
location. The more GM finds during the time limit, the more prizes the
nation will get.

It is 2 Suba Capsules for the nation per GM discovery. Once the time is
up, well the time is up. Also we won't be disclosing how many GM's may
be participating. Could be 1, could be more. We aren't sure ourselves

Times are:


BCU: 5:30
ANI: 5:50

BCU: 6:10
ANI: 6:30

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PostSubject: Re: March.3rd.2010 wedsnday GM event.   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:37 am

well, that figures... an event on me birthday! better find them often Razz
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March.3rd.2010 wedsnday GM event.
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