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 Ok so the story so far

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PostSubject: Ok so the story so far   Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:29 am

On August 8th, employees of G4BOX, partner of Wicked Interactive LTD, who runs the SUBA Games portal, altered DNS configurations rendering Wicked Interactive, it's SUBA Games portal, and game sites for five titles, non-existent on the internet. Games included newly released Crossfire, ACE Online, Priston Tale, Metin 2, and the soon to be released Priston Tale 2.

Players of some of these titles found themselves unable to login games, then upon attempting to visit any of Wicked/SUBA's websites, browser's replied with "Does not exist" Crossfire players found a notice on the game's launcher linking to a now non-existent web page, which contained IP's and instructions on how to update hosts file information on the players computer, in order to access the websites, which were disabled days later (more details below).

While the details regarding the nature of the dispute are unclear, it has left SUBA Games in complete disarray. G4BOX took control of the servers, and began migrating database information to form a new game portal, Z8Games, which is the new host for the game titles G4BOX brought to the partnership with Wicked/SUBA, Crossfire and Metin 2.

G4BOX employees, who assumed total control over all the servers, not only refused Wicked/SUBA access to servers and database information, but initially attempted to deny knowledge of having access themselves. In addition, it appears portions of database information needed for SUBA's portion of this previous partnership to fully resume, has gone completely missing, possibly unrecoverable. Horrifyingly enough, this seems to include the character database for an entire Priston Tale game server.

An issue many customers have found disturbing, on many levels, is the Unified Login structure. One login ID and password allowed a single user to access any website or game account. SUBA Games and Z8 Games now have identical customer database information. All customers of SUBA Games can also access the Z8 Games portal, and it's games, with their existing ID's and passwords.
Note: Priston Tale and Metin 2 were existing games that were relocated to SUBA Games. Customers of those games prior to the move, had their account information migrated to SUBA.

G4BOX is currently trying to build it's Z8Games portal as it continues to run game servers for Crossfire and Metin 2
SUBA Games, hindered by a lack of access to it's own database information - what's left of it - is trying to recover and rebuild.
Both companies decline to comment on matters of this dissolved partnership, or other matters they feel are "unrelated" to games themselves.

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Ok so the story so far
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